Getting You up to Speed on Your Constitutionally Protected Rights and The Petition of Remonstrance Filed by Powers/Cole Team

In The United States, the right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which specifically prohibits Congress from abridging “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

“The goal of this post is to answer common questions regarding why participation in the Petition of Remonstrance, filed by our committee members into Congress, is so important and why it is equally important for you to lend your support and name to it. This took months to write and hundreds of hours of education and years of a journey through the corrupt courts. You will find links to these documents at the bottom of this post, please read them and send in your support!”

Please note, we are continuing to record this filing in the Congress of each state.


To start with for homeowners that are currently in the midst of foreclosure, or have had their title stolen already, through the Breach of Contract, Business  Tort acts; herein are 8 educational video links to get everyone up to speed on those Constitutionally Protected Rights, the foundational laying down of the Law (Land, Air and Water), Lawful Due Process and how to exercise our Sovereign and full Political Authority in the Court of Justice.

Please share these video links with your teams and homeowners. Keep in mind that this process of Redressing our Grievances through a Petition of Remonstrance is not just for Homeowners, but anyone who has been chased down the streets or had their private dwellings busted in by these Revenue Generators; such as the Police or Agents who are wroughting out the substance of We the People, for any subject matter; such as medical kidnapping, CPS issues, tax, traffic, etc.

What most of us who have been in this fight for some time, missed is the proper way to redress our grievances. But, if you refer back to the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, you will see that our Court of Justice is seated in the House and Senate in our State General Assemblies and Congress. We redress those grievances in the Legislature by a Petition of Remonstrance (Protest). The Declaration of Independence clearly talks about how we had to Remonstrate before our Representatives, to STOP the unlawful Bills of Attainder, through the  BAR Association. The Judicial Branch, the small of the 3 branches of Government are Courts of Law and Equity, not Justice. No matter, how much evidence you brought into the Judicial Courts, you did not follow DUE PROCESS by going through the Legislature. This is why they routinely give a 12 (b) 6 ruling, for failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted. You did not know you had to state your lawful claim in the Legislature, the Court of Justice, for relief through remedy.

This process has been somewhat “hidden in plain sight” and now seems to be the appointed time for We the People to come into this knowledge and apply it accordingly to Redress the Grievances we have to our elected Representatives. Let’s remember that it’s the Legislature’s that caused a lot of these problems/controversies for We the People, as Congress and our State General Assemblies have usurped powers and authorities not delegated to them. Which is clearly shown in the 2010 Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure,  Pg. 2 Ten Principles That Govern Procedure in Group Decision Making; 1) The group must have the authority to take the actions it purports to take. Jurisdiction must be given; it cannot be assumed. Groups sometimes assume powers that they do not have.

Get your copy of the 2010 Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure by clicking the button below.

Chris Hallett, with E-Clause, LLC in Florida is a former BAR member who gave it all up, when he himself had a CPS, child custody issue with his ex-wife. Chris, who has experience as a former Corporate Attorney in LOSS PREVENTION. Figured out that since the 1871 Reconstruction Act, where these offices became Incorporated as Corporation in a De Facto/ legal manner, never implemented LOSS PREVENTION. So, he has been in a 5 year beta testing working with the current Trump Administration and Congress to implement and see how LOSS PREVENTION works with ASSET RECOVERY, for We the People and restoring our Constitutional and De Jure/Lawful Republic. Chris is currently in his 3rd year of Beta Testing and we are making head way.

You and your team members can continue the education weekly by getting on Facebook or YouTube and connect with Chris Hallett with E-Clause, LLC and Kirk Pendergrass with Kirk’s Law Corner. They host a live video every M, W, and Friday from 7:30-8:00 pm CST to 10:00-11:00pm CST. Sometimes they have pre-Zoom parties and after Zoom parties shows where up to 100 people can get in the zoom room for those currently in legal matters, looking for some 1 on 1 or group help in their processes.

I hope this helps with getting you and others up to speed with over 16 + hours of FREE EDUCATION and how we can all UNITE in our efforts to END FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

Thank you,
Lorie Cole
Co-Chairwoman of