National Consent Judgment

On April 4, 2012, this nation’s five largest Financial Institutions and all major Mortgage Lenders entered into a Consent Judgment where they plead No-Contest to charges of massive mortgage regulation violations. Many of these violations, if found guilty were misdemeanors and some would have been felonies and again these Defendants were charged with “Massive and Multiple” violations of Federal and State Mortgage Lending and Licensing laws and regulations, however, they were only charged civilly and not criminally by The United State Department of Justice, Federal Regulators and, 49 State Attorneys General. While admitting no wrongdoing these Banks voluntarily waived all of their rights to defense for these charges, with the understanding that No-Contest pleading in a civil case is not considered the equivalent to a guilty plea even though it is in a criminal case.

This document is 310 pages long however it is broken down into the actual Court Order and several exhibits. To save time we have outlined the issue and where to locate them in the document.

The Court Order is on pages 1 through 7.

  • Exhibit “A” Regarding the Settlement Terms and Responsibilities of the Servicer can be found on pages A-1 through A-41
  • Exhibit “B” Regarding the Distribution of the Funds can be found on pages B-1 through B-7. Exhibit “B1” and “B2” follow showing how much each individual state received and how states plan to use the funds collected.
  • Exhibit “C” The Borrowers Payment Amount administered and controlled by the State monitoring Committee pages C-1 through C-2.
  • Exhibit “D” Consumer Relief Requirements pages D-1 though D-12, followed by Exhibit “D1” Required Credit Caps.
  • Exhibit “E” Enforcement Terms pages E-1 through E-16, followed by Exhibit “E” Servicers Standard Quarterly Compliance Reports.
  • Exhibit “F” This may be the single most important Exhibit as it pertains to what the Department of Justice released Bank of America from and what they did not. This is so that the Department of Justice cannot release the bank from the obligations it had to states regulators and laws or to Homeowners. Paged F-1 through F-45
  • Exhibit “G” The Release and Non-Release of the Bank and servicers actions and obligations to the state. Pages G-1 through G-12
  • Exhibit “H” USDOJ Service-members Civil Relief Act regarding Protections for Military Personnel pages H-1 through H-11, followed by Exhibits “H1 and H2” pages H-12 through H-25
  • Exhibit “I” How Bank of America is to pay back funds pages I-1 through I-11